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#202 - 18810 72 Ave
Surrey, B.C.
V4N 6R4

Phone: 604-229-0115
Toll Free: 833-899-RISK (7475)
Fax: 604-229-0116

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Replacement Cost Insurance

  1. Replacement Cost Insurance (for new vehicles)
    At the time of a total loss, our policy pays the difference between the depreciated value paid out by your primary insurer and the purchase price of a new vehicle of similar make and model.
  2. Deductible Reimbursement
    At the time of a partial loss our policy reimburses the deductible up to $500 when your primary insurance accepts your claim.
  3. OEM Parts Coverage (for new vehicles)
    In the event of a partial loss caused by a collision, we will pay the difference between OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts and non-OEM parts if your primary insured is not obligated to do so.
  4. Rental Reimbursement
    In the case of a total loss, our policy will reimburse you for a rental vehicle up to $50.00 a day with a maximum of $2500.00
Underwritten by Peace Hills
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